College Football Is Back

Swinney hates the thought of college players getting paid.


The college football season is underway and that means there is enough football entertainment for football fans staring amateurs. The guys who work hard and are the reason that a school or a conference gets money. The guys see none of the cash.  The guys get almost fully paid one year scholarships. But the coaches, particularly the head coaches and coordinators get paid a lot of cash, some coaches at public universities are the highest paid state employees. For instance in Texas, the University of Texas football coach gets far money than elected officials and those who are trying to help out in the continuing Hurricane Harvey disaster. But for college sports, the large salaries for a coach have some sort of justification although it is hard to put a finger on why a coach should be a state’s highest paid employee or a private school’s top paid employee.


Clemson’s Dabo Swinney gets a reported five million dollars a year paycheck to coach his players while his players are putting their necks on the line get nothing. No salary, no long-term health care. Sure, his players can get something more than bruises from a game if they decide to pursue a free education when they have time away from football. Swinney makes big money off his players’ collective backs but doesn’t think his players need to get paid. In 2014, Swinney said, “We try to teach our guys, use football to create the opportunities. Take advantage of the platform and the brand and the marketing you have available to you. But as far as paying players, professionalizing college athletics, that’s where you lose me. I’ll go do something else, because there’s enough entitlement in this world as it is.” Swinney is the poster boy for what is exactly wrong with college sports, coaches making big money off of unpaid workers who have little to show for the experience.

SPacked stadiums, large TV deals but no money for the stars of the show, the players.