College Football Off To A Staggering Start

Let’s play in the pandemic.  

It appears that the Lords of college sports are willing to put revenue ahead of the health of college football players. Sure, some teams have quarantined after COVID-19 outbreaks. Some college players are demanding more action if they are to play in terms of making it as safe as can be for the players. Some players, such as those at Ohio State seemingly are more interested in playing football than health concerns as those players have given approval to the school’s safety protocol. That is a college student-athlete problem, you cannot get all the players on the same page for real life issues including COVID-19 care. The Lords of the College Sports Business, chancellors, presidents, boards of trustees are still trying to get a season going and have come up with gimmicks such as playing conference schedules only. There is too much television money to lose with no games.

A number of lesser leagues have called it a season and decided that COVID-19 cannot be beat. The University of Connecticut, a football program without a home or a conference, has called it a night and there will be no football this fall in Hartford. But Notre Dame, which also does not have a home conference, will play against Atlantic Coast Conference teams. The college football agenda is simple. The Lords of the Power Five Conferences or amateur Gridiron want to play because of television and marketing partners money. The athletic directors and coaches want to play because that is what they do. But the players and their parents seem to have little to say about playing. Maybe it is the football mentality which basically is shut up and do what you are told. There are some players in the Pac 12, Big Ten and Mountain West who want more COVID-19 protection from the college barons. Health is important but in college sports not more important than money.

. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall, File)