FBI Probe Of NCAA Probably Would Not Happen If Players Were Paid

Pay the players.


If the college sports industry paid student-athletes, there probably would not be an ongoing FBI investigation of the business. The NCAA somehow has sold the notion that it is fine for them to make billions of dollars off of the backs of unpaid labor as long as they give a scholarship to the performers. The college sports audience has accepted the Faustian pact between the schools and the student-athletes and sees no problem with the arrangement. After all, the audience likes the entertainment. And the audience has stuck by the college sports industry despite the Jerry Sandusky-Penn State child molestation case which saw Sandusky and others end up in jail. Despite the problems at Baylor University which saw Ken Starr step down as the school president and athletic officials fired. Despite the problems at Louisville with Rick Pitino. Despite the Larry Nassar conviction of child molestation while being connected with USA Gymnetics and Michigan State University. The North Carolina State academic fraud scheme seems to be just one of those things that happen with college sports and has not put a dent in the popularity of college sports.

The NCAA has little to do with the Penn State, Baylor, Michigan State abuse convictions as it has no jurisdiction in any of those cases. It is not an NCAA problem. NCAA is run by college presidents and chancellors with Dr. Mark Emmert as the president and the face of the college sports governing body. The FBI probe into the business strikes at the legitimacy of college sports. Dr. Emmert recently said the group will never pay players but players have been paid under the table and with golden handshakes forever. The 1932 Marx Brothers film Horse Feathers has many jokes about amateur status and the eligibility rules. Simple solution is to pay the players and treat them as pros. Because college sports is a pro operation.


NCAA President Mark Emmert says no to the paying of players in college,