FBI Probe Of College Basketball Not A Problem For Cities That Want A Final Four

What, me worry?

Apparently politicians and business leaders don’t worry about integrity. The National Collegiate Athletic Association, whose very integrity can constantly be questioned, through its basketball business put up its annual crown jewel basketball tournament, the Men’s Final Four, for bid in 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2026. Seven areas went after the event despite the fact that the NCAA’s college basketball division is being investigated by the FBI for corruption. There have been arrests, a coach Rick Pitino was fired and college programs have been probed. The investigation is ongoing but that did not deter any of the areas and local college basketball bid committees.

For the record, domed football stadiums in Houston, Glendale, Arizona, San Antonio and Indianapolis got the 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2026 events. Detroit, Inglewood, California and Arlington, Texas were passed over by the NCAA committee. It is all about money and what financial deals that local committees can offer. The local committees will talk about the positive economic impact that the event will bring to the community. But there has never been an official comprehensive account of what monies really come in, what monies stay in the community and what leaks out as local hotels and motels and car rental agencies generally are not headquartered in these cities and money collected goes to a home office. Employees don’t get raises for special events although some per diem workers might get some extra tip money. The NCAA plays all of its Men’s College Basketball finals in domed football stadiums with large seating capacities filled with suites and club seats and charges top dollar for the event. There is massive money TV deal and marketing partners pay big money for the right to use the NCAA logo. Money flows in but the players see nothing.



Rick Pitino was fired by Kentucky.