The Feds And College Basketball Corruption

How will the NCAA handle this?




Tuesday was a bad day for the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The FBI arrested 10 people, including four basketball coaches and a sneaker company executive, in a bribery investigation involving the recruitment of high school players. The NCAA was not told about the investigation until the public announcement of the action. The NCAA knew nothing just like the Penn State allegations involving Jerry Sandusky and his interactions with children. The NCAA seems to always know nothing. Lamont Evans, an associate coach at Oklahoma State was among those who were arrested but Oklahoma State officials knew nothing about what was going on at the school’s basketball program. Whether that is from not wanting to know or just not knowing will eventually be found out if the NCAA bothers to do an investigation. Seems the NCAA and Oklahoma State might have t6o look into the federal charges. Apparently the NCAA knew very little about Jim Gatto from Adidas who has been accused of directing a player into a school in exchange for a $100,000 payout.


The NCAA only wants to know what the leaders of the NCAA want to know. The people behind the NCAA and big time college sports are college and university presidents, chancellors, and board of directors. They often use the Hogan’s Heroes character Sgt. Schultz defense of I know nothing.  But they do know how sneaker companies push athletes they identify as top basketball playing prospects at 12 or 13 into sneaker camps and the sneaker companies have contracts with big time and small time college basketball programs and generally those teenagers are pushed into a school that has a sneaker contact. The teenage players have loyalty to the sneaker brand and then the sneaker sponsored school. The 10 men indicted probably represent the tip of the iceberg for corruption in college sports. Everyone makes a buck off the players except the players.



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