Football Is Still The Most Important Thing At Big Time Sports Schools

Dr. Mark Emmert claims football should not be the most important thing on campus



It’s that time of year in the business of college football, the business where coaches get to become in some states, the state’s highest paid employee while the players are expected to toil for nothing but they can get a college education if they so desire.  The multi-billion-dollar business called the National Collegiate Athletic Association is led by Dr. Mark Emmert who is always pushing the line, football cannot be the biggest thing on campus, it is education but you never see that at the big-time schools. Football prevails, if a coach doesn’t produce a winning record, that coach is gone. If a coach wants to go elsewhere despite being under contract to a school, that coach gets up and leaves and it is fine with everyone. It is just business. But where would that coach be without the players? College television network partners always push the coach as the kingpin. But it is the players that make or break the coach and the players don’t see any money while the coach can be making millions of dollars and is the big man on campus. The coach, if he or she wins, becomes bigger than life abetted by a sports media that craves words of wisdom from that coach or fears that the coach will be mean to them during news conferences.

Meanwhile there are the players who are in a system that is utterly restrictive. The players do get a scholarship but that is a year-to-year one-way commitment. The coach can get rid of the player, but if the player wants to move, that player has to sit out a year. Why? Because that is a rule. Players were barred from unionizing, former players have been suing to stop school from using their likenesses without being paid.  The coaches get paid, the players deserve better.

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