Iowa State Looks To Build An Entertainment Zone To Pad Sports Revenues

Show us more money.

No matter what Dr. Mark Emmert, the President of the National Collegiate Athletic Association says, college sports is a business and players should be able to make some money from participating in games that bring colleges revenue. In Ames, Iowa, the Iowa State athletic department has come up with a plan that is designed to make more money for the school’s sports. The athletic department would like to build an entertainment zone next to the football stadium on one side and the arena on the other side. The school has kicked off a feasibility study that is costing $300,000 to see what can be done. The study will take about four months. The Iowa State athlete department wants a stadium village that could feature an outdoor skating rink, restaurants, shops and other entertainment options. There would also be a parking and the village part would be open to college students and Ames residents. How to pay for the construction and whether Iowa State would be assessed property taxes or get a PILOT as in a lump sum payment in lieu of taxes annually or create a tax incremental funding scheme is not known. Iowa State owns the land. The school is looking for a partner to build the entertainment zone.

The Iowa State athletic director Jamie Pollard is looking to build wrestling and volleyball practice facilities. “This is not your father’s athletics department,” Pollard said. “Our vision is to not to compete with who we’ve competed with in the past. This vision is a journey to be the absolute best athletics program, football program, basketball program, wrestling program in the nation. To do that, we have to act and behave like the programs we’re aspiring to compete with.” Big time college and university sports programs just keep looking for money, and more money and more money.