Emmert: Help! I Need Someone

Which way do I go?  

It appears the President of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, Dr. Mark Emmert, is looking for some help from somewhere in the organization’s fight to keep so-called student-athletes from cashing in on their names and faces and make some money from their athletic abilities from advertisers willing to pay them. The NCAA is reeling from a California law that will allow student-athletes to make money off of their faces and names beginning in 2023. It is an assault on the NCAA and amateurism. Dr. Emmert literally does not know what to do so he is thinking of calling people in Washington, DC for both help and guidance. The NCAA president wants Congress to figure out how to stop the madness of players getting paid.

“I have certainly never heard anybody, including in Congress, that wants sports run out of Washington, D.C.,” Emmert said. “There’s an interest in providing support because some of these issues can’t be really resolved without congressional action. You can’t have 26 or 30 different state laws so you need something at a federal level that becomes an umbrella that organizes all of that. But nobody is talking about the federal government running college sports.” Some states may take up the issue during the 2020 state legislative session. What could be coming may be worse though. Federal legislation that would allow every student-athlete to sell their faces for money. A bill introduced in the House of Representatives last March by North Carolina Republican Mark Walker which might be considered troublesome by the NCAA. The Student-Athlete Equity Act,would amend the definition of a “qualified amateur sports organization” in the tax code to remove the restriction on student-athletes using or being compensated for use of their name, image and likeness. It is designed to force the NCAA to change the current business model. The NCAA does not want to change its way of business.