Student-Athletes Should Be Paid, Everyone Else Gets A Check

Student-athletes should get paid.


The college football season is approaching the half way point in the schedule, the college basketball season is about a month away. The college sports business is open and there is one question about the so-called amateur status of college and university big time student-athletes that is never answered. Why are student-athletes not paid and when did it become acceptable for a student to earn money for a school but not get any salary? The colleges and universities have always hidden behind a slogan, the athletes are not school employees. The term student athletes is a dodge for schools so institutions could get away without giving players benefits such as workman’s compensation. There is also the old “listen these kids who play for us are getting an educational opportunity that under normal circumstances would not be available” to them explanation. There is also some nonsense about having an excellent sports program which attracts more and better students although the University of Chicago does rather well in that category without a big-time football or basketball team.


Most big-time college and university sports programs are money losers. If that is the case, why bother? Why are regular college students paying extra fees to supplement an athletic program? As far as not paying the players who bring in hundreds of millions of dollars through TV deals, marketing partnerships and revenue from top end seating, club seats and luxury boxes and just regular seats. Without the players there would be no game. Without the players, big-time college coaches in basketball would not be a state’s highest paid public employee while working at state schools. The recent arrests of people connected to the college basketball industry seems to have been dismissed by the fawning media that covers college sports as well they got caught, but let’s move on. How is it everyone makes a buck except the players?




Rick Pitino got paid, his players were not supposed to be paid under NCAA rules.