The Absolute Madness Starts But There Is No Cloud Over The College Basketball Industry

Grey skies are going to clear up.



The madness starts as the first game of the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Men’s Basketball Tournament is on tap. The funny thing about this sports event, no one seems to be very concerned that the NCAA college basketball road is littered with corruption. There is a federal investigation on going, people connected to the college basketball industry are going to jail yet it seems as if college basketball has a Teflon coating. In fact, it seems anything bad related to college sports is greeted with a shrugged shoulder and life goes on, whether it is coaches paying players in basketball or soccer at sports factories or at Ivy League schools.

The NCAA in the past year has survived Larry Nassar, who was connected to Michigan State University and was the team doctor for USA Gymnastics who sexually assaulted gymnasts. The NCAA is somehow eluding close media scrutiny over the college basketball corruption investigation. This Thursday and this Friday people will slack off work to watch, bet both legally and illegally on tournament contests, and for the most part have no clue about the players they are watching. In many cases basketball fans have no idea where schools are located. There will be employers who will allow workers to be less than productive to celebrate college basketball, part of the spirit of the game at work. Politicians have no problems renting out buildings for the NCAA tournaments and companies have no problems stuff the pockets of various college employees by advertising on games, games that cost CBS and now AT &T hundreds of millions of dollars to show on their platforms. Everyone is making a buck except for cities that lose money hosting the games and the players. The players are the stars of the show because of rules that the NCAA enforces, they don’t get paid. It is sheer madness.

Duke is the top seed in the East region AP-PHOTO