The NCAA Is Not Saying Much About Ohio State

What is wrong with college sports?



Paging Dr. Mark Emmert, the President of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Remember that talk you gave at Penn State just about six years ago during the Jerry Sandusky sex with minors crisis. You said, “Football will never again be placed ahead of educating.” Apparently no one heard that message at Ken Starr’s Baylor University, not the university president Starr not the athletic director or the coach Art Briles. The school from Starr down to Briles had no idea that there were quite a number of rape accusations, 52 to be exact, against various players, 31 was that number, on that football team between 2011 and 2014. Briles is now coaching a football team in Italy and Starr, who investigated Bill Clinton’s misdeeds in the 1990s, lends his opinion on occasion to what is going on with Robert Mueller’s investigation after he was fired as Baylor University’s president. Also not getting the message was Ohio State University.

The Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer is on paid leave while the university investigates whether Meyer knew about a 2015 incident where one of Meyer’s employees a coach Zach Smith allegedly abused his then wife.  Ohio State University sent out a letter Wednesday reminding “Campus Security Authorities” that they have a responsibility to report on-campus crime. Dr. Emmert has also been quiet on the allegations of another Ohio State problem. Years ago, a team doctor Richard Strauss allegedly sexually abused wrestlers and that an assistant coach Jim Jordan, who is now a United States Congressman, allegedly knew about the allegations of sexual abuse and did nothing. Dr. Emmert has not given a real response about the sexual abuse allegations and eventual court case that saw Michigan State doctor Larry Nasser jailed. Nasser also worked for USA Gymnastics. There is also the ongoing federal investigation of corruption in college basketball.  Paging Dr. Emmert.


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Dr. Emmert seems to be keeping a low profile.