The NCAA: Nothing To See At Michigan State

The NCAA,  hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil.




You have to applaud the National Collegiate Athletic Association for continuing to put sports and sports revenues over integrity on a constant basis. The latest? The NCAA said nothing to see at Michigan State University and told Michigan State to go on its merry way and good luck in football and basketball. Michigan State had on its staff Dr. Larry Nassar who was a university’s sports team doctor. The very same Dr. Nassar who is doing prison time because he was found guilty of sexually assaulting children while being employed by USA Gymnastics. That is not a problem in the world of the NCAA. The NCAA will not impose any penalties on the Michigan State sports program. The NCAA just didn’t find any evidence that Michigan State violated any NCAA rules. It is very NCAA like. The same held true at Baylor University although the NCAA did sanction Penn State after Jerry Sandusky was found guilty of being a pedophile.

The NCAA has little to do with the Penn State, Baylor and Michigan State abuse convictions as it has no jurisdiction in any of those cases. It is not an NCAA problem. NCAA is run by college presidents and chancellors with Dr. Mark Emmert as the president and the face of the college sports governing body.  The NCAA is trying to downplay a federal investigation into the business of college basketball. The FBI probe into the business strikes at the legitimacy of college sports. Dr. Emmert recently said the group will never pay players but players have been paid under the table with golden handshakes forever. The 1932 Marx Brothers film Horse Feathers has many jokes about amateur status and the eligibility rules. Simple solution is to pay the players and treat them as pros. Because college sports is a pro operation and nothing ever sticks to the NCAA.