The Push Is On To Sweep USA Gymnastics Problems Under The Rug

The 2020 Olympics is near.


Will the lame duck session of Congress decide to look into the failure of USA Gymnastics in protecting the group’s performers? USA Gymnastics looks as if it will be cast adrift by the United States Olympic Committee but is just window dressing for the athletes who were sexually assaulted by the group’s doctor Larry Nassar. The USOC along with the USA Gymnastics hierarchy seemingly ignored the rumors that something was amiss. It took an Indianapolis Star reporter to investigate the story and to tell the story of the victims. USA Gymnastics would eventually try to replace the leadership and failed.  USA Gymnastics also lost marketing partners and their money. Companies that either dropped out of deals temporarily or permanently include Under Armor, Proctor and Gamble, AT&T, and Kellogg. Marketing experts want the USOC to clean up the gymnastics situation in time for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. The companies probably would like advertise their wares during what is the TV and video streaming’s most viewed events by American audiences in the Summer Olympics. Putting sexual assault in the rear view mirror helps the governing body of gymnastics, the USOC and NBC which holds the TV and video streaming American rights to the 2020 Tokyo games. It doesn’t help the victims though.

Congress can look into the entire gymnastics situation including why USA Gymnastics officials, members of the USOC and Nassar’s employers at Michigan State University failed to investigate allegations of sexual abuse. Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal did release a statement after the USOC started the process that it would seek to revoke USA Gymnastics’ status as the national governing body of the sport hoping the action “signals USOC will be more vigilant in protecting athletes & survivors when others fail them.”  Congress should seeking some answers. The athletes deserve explanations.