The Sad, Sad State of the 2020 College Football Season

There are problems on the college football gridiron.

There are dire warning signs being put out about the 2020 college football season not being able to take place as usual. It is a grim picture, no Saturday fun, no Thursday night fun, a bleak existence for college and university chancellors, presidents, boards, boosters, marketing partners and television partners. It is all because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The people who run the college sports industry are running out of time to make a proper decision regarding the safety of playing football because of the pandemic. But the money brokers in the big five power conferences are trying to put product on the field seemingly with very little care for the people who actually are the performers, the teenagers and those barely in their 20s who are not being paid to risk their health playing a game.

There is evidence that it probably is not a wise move to play amateur football on a big stage during the COVID-19 pandemic. College football programs at Michigan State, Rutgers and other places have shut down during so-called voluntary sessions because of the illness. For some reason, the guardians of the college game or maybe the guardians of the money that flows into the college game think that scheduling games between conference rivals will stop the spread of COVID-19. The Pac 12 Conference has schools up and down the United States’ Pacific Ocean coast and teams in the Rocky Mountains. Virtually every college has to fly to a faraway place. Notre Dame’s football team will compete in the Atlantic Coast Conference. There seems to be very little concern about players health, after all the players are young and COVID-19 is not going to impact them. The concern is about money, without people filling seats in stadiums there is revenue loss. No product means no TV and marketing revenue. Money not health rules.