Pac 12 Inching Its Way Back To Playing Football

Some students are more equal than others.

The grand poohbahs of the Pacific 12 college sports conference plan to meet again to get their football business up and going despite two major public health issues, COVID-19 and the west coast fires. But football is extraordinarily important to the adults who rule college football, the college and university presidents and chancellors. It is important because by not playing, the grand poohbahs’ have been losing television and marketing money that is available. If the grand poohbahs decide to get the football season going, there probably will not be people in the stands for Pac 12 schools located in California, Oregon and Washington. Neither California nor Oregon would stop the Pac 12 teams from playing. In August because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lack of a coherent federal strategy to contain COVID-19, most football conferences either canceled or postponed the 2020 college football season.

But the Big Ten reversed its decision mumbling something about the availability of fast COVID-19 test results even though one Big Ten school was on a voluntary lockdown, Michigan State in East Lansing, for two-weeks to stop the spread of the virus on campus. The grand poohbahs seem fine with daily testing of the unpaid employees, the players, the overpaid employees, the top coaches, and the rest of the paid staff. Proving that some of the students have a higher standing than others because they could play a sport that brings money into the school, the student-athletes will be tested daily while other students attending schools will not get the same access to testing. The grand poohbahs and the sports media are hoping to get up and going so that a legitimate college football championship series can be played. After all there is money for the schools and a story to cover for the media. The COVID-19 pandemic is still a serious medical problem but it is not a problem for college football.

Photo: AP Photo/Timothy J. Gonzalez, file.