Pennsylvania Sports Betting Parlors Are Opening

The casinos are ready.


Pennsylvania casinos are finally opening their doors to legalized sports gambling. It appears that five of the 13 Pennsylvania casino operators are willing to pay a higher premium than other states to get gamblers. Pennsylvania is charging each casino a $10 million licensing fee and 36 percent in taxes. Interestingly enough, sports gambling is just a small part of a casinos overall betting. Online betting in New Jersey accounted for more than 50 percent of the more than $40 million worth of sports gambling in the Garden State in September.  Pennsylvania is developing online gambling and that will not be available for a few months.

With Pennsylvania casinos opening the doors, it remains to be seen how New Jersey will be impacted as well as West Virginia. Philadelphia is about 60 miles away from Atlantic City, New Jersey and Pittsburgh is about an hour away from a Wheeling, West Virginia casino. Betters in Pittsburgh will not have to go very far from the Steelers stadium to put down a wager on Steelers games. There are six states that offer sports gambling, Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Mississippi and West Virginia. Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia share some common borders. Other states will more than likely consider sports gambling once the state legislatures are back in session in January. New York, which is considering having an integrity fee much to the delight of sports leagues, is one. Two places that don’t have casinos are also interested, Washington, DC and Virginia.  Maryland lawmakers might be able to pass a bill calling for a referendum on sports gambling in 2020. There is a major casino in Maryland which is across the river from Washington, DC and up the road from Virginia. Kentucky and Ohio may take up sports gambling legislation in 2019. Other states are punting right now.