Sanders confirms the Colorado HC offer but say’s that they “are not the only offer he has gotten.”

Monday during the SWAC Football Championship Press Conference teleconference Jackson State Head Coach Deion Sanders confirmed that Colorado had made him an offer to be their next head coach. But he also made it clear that they were not the only school to put forth an offer to him.

He did not mention who the other school was however we know that USF has been in contact with Sanders so it’s logical to think the Bulls brain trust spoke to his representatives about being the head coach. It is clear that Sanders is still not sure what his next move might be including staying at Jackson State.

If Sanders were to choose USF he would instantly become the highest profile college football coach in his native state of Florida. There is no doubt that he would become the biggest star even over Tom Brady in the Bay Area and put the Bulls in the national spotlight.

“Yeah, definitely, the report is true,” Sanders said. “They’re not the only ones. The report is true. I’m not going to sit here and tell all my business, but they’re not the only ones.

“I would be a liar if I told you (Colorado officials) didn’t [offer Sanders the job]. You know they did, I know they did, everybody there knows they did. It is what it is. That’s not my focus right now. My focus is to win and to be dominant and then, to go on to the dern celebration bowl, my focus is right here to be dominant in our beloved home stadium on Saturday. That’s my focus. And I keep the main thing the main thing. I have an innate ability to focus and keep the main thing the main thing.”

The man known as Coach Prime has his undefeated 11-0 Jackson State team ready to host their archrival Southern 7-4 on Saturday in the SWAC championship game. A 12th win would would land them a date in the Celebration Bowl December 17th in Atlanta.

Jackson State has already defeated Southern earlier in the season by a score of 35-0 so they are heavy favorites on Saturday bring home the championship. I think that it is fair to expect that Sanders is not going to make clear if he is leaving Jackson State until after the game with Southern.

Sanders made it clear he hoped to take a team to the Celebration Bowl. USF athletic director Mike Kelly has made it clear he wants someone in place time for the opening of the transfer portal which starts Dec. 5, and closes 45 days later on Jan. 18, 2023.

Colorado’s athletic director Rick George has the same goal as Kelly, he too wants to have his next coach in place to work the portal so if Sanders to be a head coach at either Colorado or South Florida then he will have to make his decision before playing in the Dec. 17th Celebration Bowl.

At this point there is no financial information on what their school would be offering Sanders. Karl Dorrell was paid 18 million over 4 years as a head coach at Colorado before he was fired. USF paid their former coach Jeff Scott 12.5 million dollars over 4 years.

Sanders has made it clear that if he were to leave Jackson State, he wanted a budget to make sure that his assistant coaches were paid well. wanted. So, if Colorado or South Florida want to land Coach Prime, his compensation package needs make sure there is plenty of cash to take care the staff.

Both schools are likely to up the ante to land someone like Sanders who is going to make it instant impact not just on the field but in the fundraising department as well. Having Sanders in Tampa and with USF deal with Vinik Sport & Entertainment Management they can make use of his star quality.

We will see soon if Sanders is headed to Tampa, Boulder, or stay staying at Jackson State. We do know Kelly is going to hire a coach who can win now, so stay tuned here we will keep posted on where the Bulls go.