UAB Football Program Dropped: Is This The Beginning of The End?

NCAAAbout 11 years ago, one-time Ohio State football player, college coach and university athletic director Dick Young told this reporter that one day you will see two college football set ups.

The big time schools all in one section, and then the rest. Dick Young, over the years, has stood by his prediction and it appears the former Oklahoma State, Bowling Green, Washington State and Florida International AD was right. College football is headed in that direction and the weakest of the remainder of the schools may drop football entirely.

The University of Alabama Birmingham is dropping football. The reason comes down to money. They don’t have it and cannot raise enough to keep the football program going. It’s enough to ask the question that other school officials not in the Big Ten, Pac 12, SEC,  Big 12 and ACC are probably thinking. Is the University of Alabama Birmingham the canary in the coalmine?

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