Top Expert Vetted Tips for Betting on College Football

From regular-season games to bowl games, and playoff championship games, college football is the gift that keeps on giving because of the sheer number of games that take place when an NCCAF season comes along which means fans and bettors alike get to see a lot of action.

Make no mistakes about it, the cult-like fan of this almost sacred American sport offers a lot of opportunities for you to make a lot of profit or on the flip side lose a lot of money if you don’t have the right guidance.

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In today’s post, we will be taking a look at some of the best tips and tactics you can use when it comes to betting on college football games to improve your prospects of becoming an MVP this season and maybe even getting drafted, ok maybe not. 

So, when does college football start? For you, it starts right now but before we get into some of the hottest expert-recommended tips, let’s take a look at some of the markets related to college football betting and how to understand them for beginners.

  • Moneyline Market

When it comes to understanding the college football betting options, it doesn’t get more straightforward than the Moneyline option because it is simply about picking the team you think will win a matchup. So, what this means is each team going into the matchup is given a Moneyline based on their prospect of winning.

The team most likely to win has a lower return on their Moneyline and the value has a minus (-) sign attached to it, while the underdog team going into the match-up has a high return on their Moneyline and the value has a (+) sign. For some people a high-resolution Notre Dame logo alongside a lesser ranked team is a no-brainer pick, however offers less profit, unless you pick the latter. When January football comes around, this option is harder to predict

  • Point Spread Market

Unlike the Moneyline option, reading the point spread in college football betting isn’t as straightforward but could be a great option to win money for this sport event. When it comes to this option, you will be predicting how many points a team is expected to win or lose by.

For instance, if the University of Tennessee is expected to win against Auburn and not just to win but to do so by a point differential of 5 and above, the bookmakers will set the point spread value at -5 and the underdog point spread value will be set at +5. This is similar to the handicap option for other sports like soccer.

  • Over/Under Market

The over/under market is a very popular bet option when it comes to betting on college football playoff 2021 and this is because bettors get to pick their predictions on the possible number of points both teams will combine to score. This market is available for other sports.

To explain this further, the sportsbook could predict that Alabama and LSU will combine to score a minimum of 60 points. Bettors can now decide on placing bets. Now that we have the basic knowledge about the college football bet market. Here are the tips you have been waiting for.

  • The Best Time to Play the Parlays

A lot of folks are eager to know when does college football start? Because early regular-season match-ups can see a traditional big college team taking on a smaller team which makes this the most predictable period in the college football season.

Also, at this time of the season bettors can play college football parlays. A parlay allows you to accumulate multiple bets to improve the amount of payout they might win.

  • Following Trusted Media Outlets/Professionals

As far as predicting and betting on NCCAF games goes, a lot of bettors keep their finger on the pulse of the game by following associated press sports editors and what they are saying about players going to the various institutions, how the roster of the teams is looking each college football season.

This is a great tip because the vital information and data they gather and publish could assist bettors to perform more in-depth research so they can understand what teams to watch out for and maybe even find an underdog team that can cause offsets going into the new season.

  • Track the Lines

Suffice to say, college football is way more different from the NFL in many ways including line instability and this becomes even more evident as you move down the tiers. Considering this, timing the right time to take advantage of the lines and find the values falling in between the cracks of the lines is key and takes a lot of effort and time to get it right.

The best bettors in this sport event realize that taking advantage of finding little values in the lines could add up if done right to improve cash payouts.

  • Betting on Rivalry Games

Rivalry is something you will find a lot in sports and when the discussion is about college football, the rivalries are palpable as fans, a family member of players, and even scouts and the media pack stadiums to get a glimpse of the biggest rivalry the games in the NCCAF. The rivalries get more intense during January football or college football playoff 2021. 

Rivalry games like Michigan-Ohio State, Notre Dame-USC, Army-Navy, or Oklahoma-Texas are electrifying to watch but also bet on as there could be a lot of value in the line and the smartest bettors can spot potential offset. So, keep an eye on these games. Again here, take note of what associated press sports editors are saying about these games.


These are some of the tips to keep an eye on but remember just like betting at a live casino malaysia it is wise to pace yourself and not just bet on any and every game coming up. You could study the various conferences and channel your research and funds to a specific conference to improve your chances of juicy payouts.

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