5 Coaches That Can Replace Scott Frost At UCF If He Leaves

The 22nd ranked UCF Knights have been on the rise this season after an incredible start, led by second-year head coach Scott Frost. With the Knights stock on the rise, so does the stock of Frost as well.

There has been talk all season about the potential of Frost leaving UCF to go coach at his alma mater Nebraska, even after signing a contract extension earlier in the year.

Now, he can deny it all he wants and say he’s here at UCF to stay. But the opportunity to go back to the school that he played for and the fact that Nebraska is struggling and is in a power five conference like the Big 10 is too good to pass up.

That means the Knights will need to get another coach to the dismay of Athletic Director Danny White and UCF nation who love how he has turned around that program in a span of two years.

With that being said, here are five coaches that makes the most sense for the UCF Knights.

1) Chip Kelly

Let’s start off with a bang, shall we? Chip Kelly is easily the biggest name on the market that is also available at the same time.

This makes a lot of sense because Frost worked under Kelly during his time in Oregon. They run basically the same system and view the game in the same way.

Kelly would continue where Frost left off, and that’s the best thing for the Knights. They don’t want to go through another system change.

Photo: AP Foto/Marcio Jose Sanchez.

The only thing here is the fact that the Knights are in the American conference. There will be some teams in bigger conferences that will be looking for the services of Kelly. Teams like Texas A&M, LSU, University of Florida, UCLA and even a return to Oregon.

However, Kelly has struggled a bit since leaving College games and going to the NFL where he was the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers.

Maybe a job like UCF would be a nice stepping stone for Kelly for 2-3 years, help the Knights get to be in the top 10 and then move on to another job.

2) Mark Helfrich

Another big name that doesn’t have a coaching job and is available on the open market for head coaching gigs.

This makes a lot of sense and its more likely that this can happen, then Kelly coming to UCF as well.

Helfrich worked with Kelly and Frost before Kelly leaving and became the head coach. Again, he runs the same system as does both Kelly and Frost and views the game of football the same.

In this Nov. 26, 2016, file photo, Oregon head coach Mark Helfrich, left, walks onto the field at Reser Stadium before an NCAA college football game against Oregon State, in Corvallis, Ore. This year, the Ducks won just two Pac-12 Conference games, capping their worst season since 1991 with a 10-point loss to arch-rival Oregon State. The swift collapse of a team known for its high-octane offenses and ever-changing uniforms led to the firing of coach Helfrich. Photo: AP Photo/Timothy J. Gonzalez, file.

Helfrich also had success as the head man, bringing Oregon to the first College playoff and led Oregon to a National Championship appearance.

He lost his job after last season due to the team’s poor outing and the fact that Oregon wanted to move into another direction. Helfrich would be a great fit at UCF if and when Frost leaves for Nebraska.

3) Kevin Sumlin

Kevin Sumlin would be another big-time name for the Knights to bring back to the American Conference.

Sumlin previously was the head coach at Houston before getting the gig at Texas A&M. Sumlin has done a great job during the beginning of his tenure at A&M, even being named in several NFL jobs when they were available.

Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin watches a replay during the first quarter of an NCAA college football game against South Carolina Saturday, Sept. 30, 2017, in College Station, Texas. Photo: AP Photo/Sam Craft.

But the last couple of years have not been good, to say the least with Boosters from A&M calling for his job after they fell apart in the game against UCLA after being up by 34 in the game.

Sumlin however, is still a great coach and would be a great add by UCF if and when Sumlin becomes available and if and when Frost leaves for Nebraska.

4-5) Erik Chinander and Troy Walters

Should the Knights want to name a candidate in-house, then both Erik Chinander and Troy Walters would be guys for the job.

Chinander is the current defensive coordinator for the Knights, while Walters is the offensive coordinator and wide receivers coach for the Knights.

If the Knights go with either one, its because they want to keep everything flowing the way it is right now.

Changing the system and the culture would be deemed devastating because the players would feel that didn’t do something right and would go back to the dark days.

Naming either Chinander or Walters the head coach if Frost leaves would keep the team running smoothly and will continue to have the success that the currently ranked 22nd Knights are having right now.