Quarterback Competition Is Heating Up For UCF At Camp

UCF Knights have now been in Fall camp for a little over a week and half now and competition continues to be the focus especially at quarterback. Right now, it appears as if McKenzie Milton will be the day one starter but redshirt senior Pete Dinovo has impressed both the coaching staff and teammates.

UCF head coach Scott Frost talked about the competition during a Saturday media availability after practice.

“Everybody is doing some good things at quarterback,” Frost said. “McKenzie has done some really good things. Pete’s dangerous when he takes off with it. We’ll keep letting that play out but I’m seeing some good things from everyone.”

Dinovo is very dangerous when he takes off with the football and in fact his teammate Tre Neal, who is competing for a starting cornerback spot had a mindboggling comparison of Dinovo running with the football.

UCF Pete DiNovo
Pete DiNovo (14) will begin the 2014 season as UCF’s starting quarterback (Photo: UCF Athletics)

“He’s running crazy like old school Madden when your running Michael Vick,” Neal said. “I was like oh my goodness someone stop this man, like literally he gets the ball, snaps it, run, he’s gone, 30 yards. The next time he’s out there he’s gone another 30 yards and I’m like what’s going on.”

Another person who likes what he has seen between the quarterbacks during camp is offensive coordinator Troy Walters. He talked about how the competition was going after practice today and also mentioned how well the freshmen are doing.

“Its been going well,” Walters said. “McKenzie has done a great job. The freshman are doing good. Anytime you’re a freshman, your coming into this offense, we’re throwing a lot at them and with defense, everyday there’s three or four defenses that they have to take into account so all the quarterbacks are doing well and we’ll see tomorrow with the scrimmage. You know live game atmosphere, coaches are off the field and how they process everything and we’re still in evaluation mode, we’re very pleased on how all the QB’s are doing.”

Coach Walters also mentions what he is looking to see from the QB’s during tomorrow’s scrimmage.

“Just be leaders, lead the offense,” Walters said. “The pass game, completions, move the chains. Anytime you have a quarterback decision making is important, making the right decision. The big the for the quarterback is leading the team, leading your unit, making sure everybody is on the right page and doing the right thing, so that’s what we’re going to look for tomorrow.”

The Knights will hold a scrimmage tomorrow morning the first time in camp. Should be interesting to see how they look in a game like atmosphere for the first time in camp.

Stay tuned on how scrimmage went for the Knights tomorrow.