Who Is Playing In The Pac 12 Champion Game?

COVID-19 will decide.  

College football’s Pac 12 Conference is supposed to have its championship game on Friday. But just what teams will be in the game? Right now, the University of Washington is scheduled to play the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. But because this is a COVID-19 impacted season, there is no guarantee the University of Washington can play in the game. The school could not play its game against Oregon on Saturday because it could not field 53 healthy scholarship players. The Washington-Oregon game was declared no contest. Washington finished with three wins and a loss and won the Pac 12’s Northern Division. Oregon finished with three wins and two losses. If Washington cannot field a team, Oregon will step in. The Pac 12 could cancel the title game but that would make its television partner FOX unhappy and the conference would lose TV and possibly marketing partner money.

COVID-19 is playing havoc with the college game in both football and basketball. One day college bosses, the presidents, the chancellors, the board of trustees should answer as to why they put college athletes, staff, coaches and others at risk and getting sick in exchange to grab TV and marketing partner money. The Big Ten bent its rule that a team had to play six football games to get into the conference championship game. Ohio State played just five games but Ohio State is a bankable commodity and when money talks nobody walks. In mid-September, the chancellors and presidents of the Big Ten member schools decided all is well even though there were outbreaks of COVID-19 on college campuses around the United States. It was time to stop wasting time and get the student-athletes back on the practice field in the classroom and play football. There was money on the table, football must be played.

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