With better leadership, it is time for the AAC to go after the Big 12 and work with the Mountain West for a Super Conference

AAC commissioner Mike Aresco is someone I have spoken with many times over the years and he is a man I respect and he will do whatever it takes to make his league better. So, I hope that Aresco would make a move to make the American the Super Conference and take over the remaining Power 5 place that is about to be vacated by the wounded Big 12.

Central Florida, Cincinnati, and yes South Florida need to stay in place, or if they move they could find themselves getting on a sinking ship. Look I have nothing but respect all the eight remaining members of Big 12 but now if you are not in the Power 4 then your future is out of your hands.

Pushing a Super Conference would bold move but with  Aresco’s background in television at CBS and ESPN, he understands the future of college football is streaming channels. The goal is to get more money for the schools and the Big 12 is going to take a big cash hit in 2025 or sooner if Oklahoma and Texas leave earlier so we have no idea what the real TV number is when the dust settles.

The three groups would give the American more major TV markets than ACC, Big Ten, Pac 12, and SEC.

The money is coming in the streaming deals with more traditional media outlets in a 21st Century move not a traditional but it is now a must be done.

The Big 12 TV deal is up in 2025 and that is the same time as the College Football Playoff is also up and Fox, CBS, ABC/ESPN along with others will get a chance to bid. That would allow two different partners to split things up and the 12 team playoffs will be on deck at that point.  

American East: Central Florida, Cincinnati, Navy, South Florida, Temple, and West Virginia.

American Sunbelt: Baylor, Houston, Oklahoma State, SMU, and TCU.

American Midwest: Memphis, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, and Tulsa.

American Mountain: Air Force, Boise State, Colorado State, New Mexico, Utah State, and Wyoming.

American West: Fresno State, Hawaii, Nevada, San Diego State, San Jose State, and UNLV.

The two highest-rated teams would face off each year in a championship game that could be rotated from San Diego, Houston, Tampa and Orlando.

The new American Conference of 28 teams with each team having the ability to stream not just football games but also all men’s and women’s sports. That allows each college to market to subscribe directly to your favorite for all events, not streaming on say YouTube, Amazon Prime, Yahoo plus say, Fox, ESPN +, Peacock, Paramount +, and other big streaming options.

Is this crazy, is it outside the box, yes, but right now it is important to college sports teams have as much control as possible. This is something that I feel AAC boss Aresco because of his television background is the man to make this national push back against the new Power 4 conferences.