4 Popular Horse Races You Can Bet On Annually

There are a number of popular horse races that take place annually around the world. . Many of these races offer betting opportunities for those looking to add an extra level of excitement to their viewing experience.

If you’re looking to get involved in some horse racing betting, then these are some of the events that you’ll want to keep an eye on.

Breeders’ Cup Championship

The breeders cup turf betting World Championship is a well-known Grade 1 Thoroughbred race. Before 2007, it was still a one-day event, but after its inception, it expanded into a two-day event. It was inaugurated in 1984. All its sites have been in the United States, except in 1996, when the races were held in Canada.

There’s a maximum of 14 starting horses for each Championship race. However, Turf Sprint or Dirt Mile races may be limited to only 12 starting horses. Horses qualify for these races by participating in the “Win, and You’re In” Challenge races before the Championship. Like its name, you automatically qualify for the Cup once you win. These Challenge races occur around the world.

The United States Triple Crown

The most famous horse race on this list is the Triple Crown! It’s a horse race series that features three major races. All three races have a rich history that follows what has been done in the past. And fans love it! Each of the races, the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes, test each horse’s abilities and capabilities in each venue.

The Triple Crown in the United States dates back to the 1870s. However, the race wasn’t officially recognized as The Triple Crown until the 1930s. The first Triple Crown winner was Sir Barton, who won in the 1919 Derby and went down in history as the first race winner. Ever since his win, 12 horses have won the three covered races.

We’ve mentioned the names of the races from the start, but let’s talk about it deeper. The first event of the Triple Crown is the Kentucky Derby. The race has earned the reputation of being “the most exciting two minutes in sports.” Unlike other races, the first jewel of the Triple Crown is a full-day affair. It’s a crucial step for thoroughbreds since it’s the first major race that enables them to qualify for the next Triple Crown races. The Kentucky Derby is usually held in Louisville, Kentucky, on the first Saturday of May.

Next is the Preakness Stakes, it’s also held in May but on the third Saturday of the month. It’s located at the Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland. Horses who win at the Kentucky Derby have the free pass to compete in the Preakness Stakes and move up to the last jewel, the Belmont Stakes.

The last race is also called “The Test of the Champions” and “The Run for the Carnations” because it’s the final leg of the series and the last challenge to determine if they’re truly a Champion of all three races. The last leg is usually held on the first or second Saturday of June, three weeks after the Preakness Stakes.

Grand National

Another popular horse race is the Grand National race. It’s a televised horse race that has been free-to-air across terrestrial television in the United Kingdom since 1960. It’s broadcasted to over 140 countries. It’s held annually at the Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool, England.

The Grand National is the oldest horse race in the world. The race has been run every year ever since 1836. But except for two World Wars and the surge of the coronavirus in 2020. The Grand National’s first race was in 1839, and its first winner was called The Duke because of its successful win.

Foreign-breed horses have made a name for themselves in the race. However, horses from the United States made some wins; their record isn’t as impressive. But we can’t deny the win of the “Battleship” in 1938 after his father, Man O’War’s legacy.

French Triple Crown

If there’s a Triple Crown in the United States, there’s also a Triple Crown in France. It’s a Grade 1 handicap race where the winner of this race is considered the best in the world. Top horses from around the globe are complete for this honor.

The French Triple Crown has such a long and rich history. Fans worldwide surely come together to watch these majestic horses race to the finish line. It’s an event that’s definitely worth watching and betting on.

The race was named when a French horseman named it after their favorite French president. This annual race dates back to 1809. And there have been only two French triple-crown winners in history, Gelionette in 1956 and 1957 and Jamin in 1959. The race is hard to complete, making it a great one to watch.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the history of the races you will bet on is crucial. Being informed about the race’s history and qualifications is crucial to know what makes each race special as a fan and bettor. Each of these annual races has brought up so much joy and excitement from fans worldwide, and you can be one too!