Albert Breer Names Two Teams Where Buccaneers’ Brady Could Play Next Season or Retire and Go to FOX Sports

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The return of Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ quarterback Tom Brady from his “retirement” came just 40-some days after stepping away from the game. From the moment he retired up until, well, now the rumors have been floated as too why he left, why he came back, and where/if he will play after this season.

Let’s start with if this time he really does retire he has a brand new historic $375m Fox Sports deal shows he has as much power off the field as on. Fear not, Brady will remain the face of Sundays for the foreseeable future as the lead game analyst for the network that lost the team of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman to ESPN where they will be doing Monday Night Football from now on.

But in the unlikely possibility that Brady wants to play in 2023 there are two teams with strong interest in having the G.O.A.T playing for them after his three year stint with the Buccaneers.

According to Sports Illustrated‘s Albert Breer, “Tom Brady’s Miami non-answer reminded me of something I think not enough people are paying attention to. His latest contract with the Buccaneers was, for sure, a cap-savings measure first and foremost. No real years were added to Brady’s deal (four voidable seasons were tacked on for cap accounting purposes), and Brady secured a no-franchise/transition tag provision in the negotiation. That means Brady is free to go wherever he wants next March.”

Breer Continued…

“And after dipping his toe in the retirement water, and pulling it out six weeks later, come this offseason, can anyone be sure he won’t want to make another run at extending his playing career past his 46th birthday? And if he does, could the Dolphins or 49ers be at the point where they’d be willing to do something if their young quarterbacks don’t play to the level they’re hoping? It’s worth at least thinking about, because I don’t think it’s something that’s lost on Brady himself.”

It’s easy to see why the 49ers and Dolphins are ranked first and second, respectively. Both teams have inexperienced quarterbacks who must prove themselves in the NFL. The Dolphins have already been the subject of rumors about Tua Tagoviloa and their desire to move on from him. Trey Lance has yet to see much playing time to demonstrate his progress. Given both of these facts, it appears like Miami will be the most aggressive in pursuing Brady whenever his contract expires after the 2022 season.

The fact that Breer actually makes a logical case for these scenarios, unlike that other Florio guy gives this report more credibility. That said, it’s hard to see why Brady would leave the Buccaneers if indeed he does play beyond this season. They’ve had great success, they’ve given him nearly everything he’s asked for, and he’s even stated he loves this organization.

In our opinion, Brady will retire after this season. Since his return he’s seemed very sentimental about his playing career. Also, he just signed a 10-year deal for $375 million dollars with Fox Sports.

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