Buccaneers beat Saints at home for first time with Brady

By: Garrett Ballard

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the New Orleans Saints 17-16 in a Monday night thriller. The Buccaneers not only beat the Saints at home for the first time in the Brady era but also scored their first touchdown at home against the Saints in the Brady era. 

After trailing 10-3 for the majority of the game, Brady and the Bucs pulled off some late-game heroics akin to the Rams game earlier this year to secure the much-needed win. 

“They played hard, they showed grit,” head coach Todd Bowles said. “Complete team effort.” 

This was a complete team effort. The defense, even managing poor field positions from turnovers at times, kept the Saints out of the end zone enough that the offense could go down late and get the points they needed to win the game. 

This game was a milestone for Brady in his tenure with the Bucs, not another record-setting touchdown or pass, but it marks the first time he scored a touchdown against the Saints in Raymond James Stadium. 

Prior to this game, Brady and the Bucs have lost to the Saints with a combined score of 47-3. 

“I wish we could score more points against them,” Brady said. “I’m glad we won.” 

This win pushed the Buccaneers to .500 on the season and they are firmly in control of the NFC South now. The win had the team hyped as they were running down the tunnel to the locker room. Injured offensive tackle Tristan Wirfs even ran out in a walking boot to celebrate with his teammates. 

As music blasted from the locker room, it was easy to tell how much this win means to the team. With a difficult stretch of games coming up against the 49ers and Bengals, this win was a big one.