Bucs camp stays upbeat and like how things are moving thus far.

The Tampa Bay Bucs remain very positive as they head into a week when the practice with then play the Miami Dolphins in the second preseason game. Head coach Bruce Arians had plenty to say about what the new boss see’s every day at practice.

Here is the text of the Arians press conference provided to Sports Talk Florida by the PR department of the Bucs.

“Again, [it was] a really good, sharp, fast practice. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow; hopefully we can get outside. It’s two days of working with Miami. We’ll meet with their coaches tonight and finalize everything on how we’re going to do it, if we end up having to go inside or outside.”

(On if the shortened practice today was due to the quick turnaround before practice tomorrow)

“Yeah, and it was right on schedule for us, just an extra day really.”

(On his protocol for joint practices)

“Everything is just to get each other better, not to get anybody hurt. There will be absolutely no fighting. If you fight, you’re out of here. It’s just a matter of practicing against somebody to make you better and having good respect for each other.”

(On how RB Dare Ogunbowale helps the running back competition)

“He helps it a bunch. He’s fighting for a job. He’s one of those top guys that I have trust in all the way – all three downs.

(On how ILB Jack Cichy looks after returning to practice)

“He looks good. He looks fast, he looks quick. He’s a very, very smart player. He brings a lot of enthusiasm. He looks good.”

(On OLB Shaquil Barrett’s health status)

“It’s a day-to-day thing with an ankle.”

(On if the team is where he wants it to be)

“Oh yeah, exactly. I’d like to have Vita [Vea] out there and Lavonte [David], but they’ll be there in time. But where we are at as a team right now, [I’m] very, very pleased.”

(On if DL Vita Vea will return for the regular-season opener)

“I’m hoping.”

(On the ground rules for joint practices)

“It basically will just be practice, just like we do every day with ourselves. They’ll thud, nobody’s tackling downfield. We’ll have two live periods, one a goal-line period and one a two-point play period at the end of practice both days. Those will be the only ones.”

(On if joint practices used to be more physical)

“If you let it – nothing ever good comes out of it. The teams I’ve been on, I think only one of all the joint practices have we had a problem … You never get anything done. It’s all about helping each other get better, not [proving] who’s tougher.”

(On QB Jameis Winston throwing an interception during practice)

“That wasn’t him. He just ran the wrong route. It would have been a perfect touchdown if O.J. [Howard] would’ve ran the right route. He got two words mixed up. But, no, those long balls down to Mike [Evans], keep throwing them. Keep throwing them.”