Cuban Says Every Sports Team’s Value Just Doubled

Sports gambling could mean big things for the bottom line

“Mark [Cuban], in a very short e-mail to me, said ‘Everyone who owns a top 4 professional sports team just basically saw the value of their team double.'”  Those were the words of Jim Williams, sports media expert and columnist for on the Rock Riley Show Monday afternoon.

Monday’s Supreme Court ruling that struck down a federal ban on sports gambling has generated a lot of uncertainty in the sports world.  While lines have always been printed in the newspaper, and sports gambling has always been on the periphery, there are many questions to be asked about this new landscape.

The NCAA was the defendant in the case that the Supreme Court ruled on, so what does that mean for the world of college sports?  Jim and Rock discuss, but pro sports of course end up at the forefront.  Cuban’s prediction looms large, as teams and leagues prepare for what will roll out soon from state to state.

Keep in mind that sports gambling is not immediately legal everywhere.  The issue is now up to the individual states, many of which would need to craft legislation allowing legalized sports gambling and sportsbooks.  That comes with complications, and questions are not likely to end up on the ballot this year as a result.  However, there are some areas where certain casinos can get around that and offer sports gaming as soon as possible.  Jim breaks down the ruling as he understands it, and tells Rock where the individual states will go from here.

The sports gambling story is only just beginning after Monday’s ruling, and Sports Talk Florida will bring updates as the State of Florida finds its bearings in the new landscape.

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