Does Anyone Want The Olympics?

Money, money.



The Olympics, whether it is the summer or winter version, is a hyped television show that lasts about two weeks which brings out the rah rah nationalism that is a major part of the presentation. But it turns out while people like to be entertained, they do not support paying down the debt of the big event that certain people, elected officials and business leaders think is worthwhile. In the past week, Sapporo, Japan and Turin, Italy dropped out of the 2026 Winter Games race.

Turin got out because city leaders didn’t want to be part of a three area Italy bid. Initially Milan didn’t want to be part of this particular Italian bid but right now it is Milan and Cortina and that may not work either. Italy has had numerous problems in getting into the Olympics race. A planned 2024 entry which would have seen Rome in the Olympics bidding was scuttled because there was no political and public support to spend billions of euros for the event. A Rome bid for the 2020 Games also collapsed. The International Olympic Committee was expecting support for the 2026 Winter Olympics but it seems that not too many people really wants to see the event in their city or their country. Two areas in the International Olympic Committee’s home country, Switzerland have said thanks but no thanks. Graz, Austria also politely turned down the IOC. A plan to put Lake Placid, New York, Quebec City and Calgary, Alberta which is a long plane flight from upstate New York and eastern Canada, never got off the ground. Calgary is still in it but a November 13 vote could end the bid. There isn’t much support for a Stockholm, Sweden bid leaving Turkey with a chance to get the Games that few people want.