Does Hosting The Olympics Make A City A Great Sports City?

A pro-Olympics take.


If you have ever been in Pittsburgh during the National Football League season, you are seeing one of the best sports cities in the world. Everything in the Pittsburgh area is all about the Steelers. If you travel in the Seattle area during the NFL season you’ll see 12th man Seahawks flags flying outside of homes or hanging in windows. But a global communications firm has a different thought on the best sports cities in the world. Burson, Cohn and Wolfe has London at the top of the list and if you go through the company’s Top Ten list of cities, it seems that if a city has had or is planning to hold an Olympics, that city is held in high esteem by Burson, Cohn and Wolfe.  London, where the 2012 Olympics was held, is number one. Paris where the 2024 Summer Olympics will take place is number two and Los Angeles, the host of the 2028 Summer Olympics, is number three. Tokyo is number four and that is where the 2020 Summer Olympics will be held and Lausanne, Switzerland is fifth in the top 10. Lausanne is an unusual choice but it is the home of the International Olympic Committee. Not too many people travel there to watch sporting events but the global sports communications group that conducted the survey was impressed by the Olympics.

The Burson, Cohn and Wolfe findings seemed to be inspired by the amount of times the word sport and a city’s name came up in social media including blogs websites. New York, Barcelona, Madrid, Beijing and Manchester round out the top ten. Madrid and Manchester are on the list because of soccer brand names Real Madrid and Manchester United. Beijing is hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics. Salt Lake City is in the Burson, Cohn and Wolfe top 100. Salt Lake City wants the 2030 Olympics.