How Did Dr. Larry Nassar’s Crimes Go Unnoticed?

what happened to responsible adults like Steve Penny who oversee children’s sports? Is there ingrerity in sports?



The 2018 Winter Olympics is less than two weeks away and there should be a dark cloud over the United States Olympic Committee. International journalists should be asking tough questions of the USOC and the International Olympic Committee about Dr. Larry Nassar. Did USOC and IOC members know about the claims that the doctor, who was the American gymnastic team physician at four Olympics, sexually assaulted members of the women’s team?  Reportedly there were whispers about the team doctor’s conduct and apparently everyone looked the other way. The people who bring the public the Olympics are so busy chasing down athletes for urine samples to see if they are doping or demanding cities, states and countries for money to fund their Olympics parties that they didn’t bother to kick the tires and see if in fact any of the allegations were credible. The Games Must Go on.

In 2015, USA Gymnastics fired Dr. Nassar. In September, 2016, the Indianapolis Star broke the story that two American gymnasts had accused Dr. Nassar of sexual assault. In addition to his duties with USA Gymnastics, the doctor was a member of the Michigan State University faculty and ran a clinic and gymnastic club at the state school. If there were any whispers about the doctor’s alleged behavior in East Lansing, not far from Michigan’s statehouse, it was ignored. It took about 10 months for the FBI to get into a full investigative mode according to the Indianapolis Star’s reporting after USA Gymnastics got wind of alleged sexual abuse in June 2015. At Michigan State, the first report about alleged assault came in 1997. Dr. Nassar will be in jail for the rest of his life. But what happens to the adults who didn’t bother to investigate the whispers? These are the adults who claim there is integrity sports. Should sports presenters be trusted?

What did IOC President know about Dr. Larry Nassar?