Features and Strategies for Betting on NHL

Hockey is in the TOP 5 sports that are very popular with bettors around the world. At the same time, the main part of betting is on the NHL. Our article will allow you to get more info about what features should be considered when betting on the NHL.

Here Are Some Tips Regarding NHL Betting:

  1. Fatigue plays a special role in hockey. Therefore, if the team is already playing the third or fourth match without interruption on at least one day, most likely, it will lose the next game. This is especially true of cases when the team held an exhibition game in another country or simply moved from one end of their country to another because the flight is always tiring.
  2. In the NHL, the total is always higher than in any other league. This is something to keep in mind if you decide to use hockey betting strategies related to the number of goals or other indicators.
  3. If a team plays a lot of games away, they will probably lose the next home game.

Features of Bets

Betting on the NHL has a number of features, without taking into account that there is a high probability of losing the game bank or marking time in place at a distance. In particular, this is the graduation of the championship for the away and home series. Some teams play well on the road and rarely please fans with a victory at their home ice arena. Others score points exclusively at home and play unsuccessfully on the road. This is noticeable at the end of the away streak when players are physically tired from long journeys and games after 2-3 days.

Another feature of hockey betting in the NHL is the fact that almost every team can lose to a weak opponent or confidently beat a stronger club. As a rule, the odds for the favorite to win are in the range of 1.7-1.9.

Types of NHL Bets

Bookmakers offer a wide list of events from the world of the strongest hockey league. Bettors have the opportunity to bet on:

  • The victory of one of the clubs in regulation time or a draw.
  • Winning overtime or shootout.
  • The team’s passage to the next round.
  • Outcomes by period.
  • The total number of goals scored in the match, the individual total of a particular club or player.
  • Odd or even total.
  • A plus or minus head start.
  • Both will score.
  • Total penalty minutes.
  • The number of deletions and so on.