Germany, India And Australia Seem To Want The 2032 Summer Olympics

The International Olympic Committee may have three suitors for the 2032 Summer Games.


In the it is never too early to plan an event 15 years down the road file, India’s sports ministry is thinking about hosting the 2032 Summer Olympics. Germany also wants to host the 2032 Summer Olympics and has identified one state which features 13 cities that can host events. In 2017, the 2032 Germany Olympics proponents claim that 80 per cent of the proposed Olympics venues are already available, which includes 16 stadiums of more than 30,000 seats and 24 large sports halls. By 2032, all of those facilities will need to be upgraded because of the life expectancies of sports facilities today. It appears that Germany, India and Australia have conceded that the 2024 and 2028 Summer Olympics will be awarded to Paris and Los Angeles or Los Angeles and Paris.


The International Olympic Committee is seeing that there is growing we don’t want these costly sports events trend and is looking at ways of reining in costs for cities and countries wanting to host the event. Germany has said no, through referendums, to hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics which would have been held in Munich and Bavaria, and the 2024 Summer Olympics which would have taken place in Hamburg. It is difficult to see how the public costs of the 2032 Olympics in Germany or India would not be staggering to taxpayers. Germany’s bid is in one state and the money would be spread over 13 municipalities instead of one as the case is in Los Angeles as LA elected officials have committed Los Angeles taxpayers to come up with money for cost overruns. The state of California will throw in money too. But there are some politicians in Germany and India who feel it is worth the cost. The race for 2032 Olympics has started with Brisbane, Australia elected officials and business leaders also thinking of launching a bid.

There seems to be significant interest in the 2032 Summer Olympics.