Hania Poole Talks About B/R Live-TNT UEFA Coverage

B/R Live got the UEFA coverage off on the right foot


This week I had the opportunity have Hania Poole the senior VP of NCAA Digital and general manager of Bleacher Report (B/R) Live as my guest on Stream On with Jim Williams. This was launch week for Turner Sports new long-term deal with UEFA Champions League and Europa League competitions that began with UEFA Super Cup battle between Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid streamed on both the TNT as well as the B/R Live apps.

I will say that I was very impressed with the quality of their UEFA coverage as well as the streaming. Turner Sports never disappoints and they were spot on with their coverage of game one of over 300 plus matches that will be streamed on their service.

There is no question that Turner Sports has the streaming business down to a science and it shows with B/L Live as well as with both the TBS and TNT apps. So, the UEFA coverage is in good hands and as the season progresses look for interactive elements to be introduced to an already impressive package.

Here is a sample of my conversation with Poole as we talked about B/R Live and the UEFA deal as well as a peek into what is coming this fall so be sure to listen to the entire interview.

Jim Williams: It must have been fun to finally see the games begin this week after so much anticipation?

Hania Poole: It was great to be in master control and watch soccer on the monitors. We were so pleased to get this new relationship with UEFA off to such a great start.

JW: I watched the match on both the TNT app as well as the B/R Live app and I must say I was very impressed with how seamless everything was.

HP: Well we take the UEFA World feed and build our pregame, halftime and post games shows around the game of the day. I really was pleased with how our B/R Live studio team handled everything.  I would say that I think we got things off to a great start, so I am pleased and of course, I feel that will only get better.

JW: Let’s talk how about pricing.

HP: I think that we have given fans a very fair and most of all flexible way to enjoy the games You can buy a single game, you can pay by the month or by the year, so we have done our best to give fans plenty of options.

Here are the details and let’s begin with individual matches $2.99, while the monthly subscription is $9.99 and if you are a fan who likes a deal then take the annual plan $79.99.

Streaming options are also simple to find Bleacher Report Live is available online, as well as by downloading the B/R Live app through iTunes or Google Play, and/or via streaming services Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

47 UEFA matches are slated to stream on the TNT app (as well as the traditional ways you watch TNT) throughout the season, plus they will also stream on the B/R Live app.

The B/L Live app will really be the streaming home for the bulk of the matches with more than 340 matches streaming on the platform.

Look for the same model to be used on the B/R Live coverage of NBA through the network’s relationship with the leagues streaming service. NBA League Pass will also offer single-game purchases as well as monthly and yearly plans,



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