IOC Still Acting As A Nation

It is not a nation.

For some reason, known only to G-20 members, the President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach addressed world leaders about the importance of the Olympic movement. Bach hit all the talking points including how the IOC is not really a political organization and how the power of the Olympics is universal and what good the Olympics do although there are taxpayers in Brazil who would dispute Bach’s statements. Bach also thinks North Korea is rejoining that world’s nations after isolation because of the Olympics. The IOC is facing a new round of corruption in France but that’s not really important nor is the amount of debt accrued by countries hosting Bach and his IOC revelers. Some countries have retaliated by telling Bach go home because we don’t want you to throw your party in our country and stick us with the bill. But why exactly does Bach have a public form such as the G-20 meeting?

The International Olympic Committee is a group that somehow has “earned” permanent observer status at the United Nations. The Vatican also has permanent observer status. But the International Olympic Committee is not a sovereign state, it just acts like one and powerful people allow them to act like a sovereign state. Powerful people including heads of state and those who head up media companies became putty when it comes to business dealings with the International Olympic Committee. It is thought the British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s appearance before IOC delegates in 2005 got London the 2012 Summer Olympics. Russian President Vladimir Putin went before IOC delegates in 2007 to pitch Sochi, Russia’s bid for the 2014 Winter Games. Putin was not the only world leader begging IOC delegates for their vote. That practice continues. The IOC is just a sports organization and should be treated as such. It is just fluff entertainment.