Is Rugby’s World Cup Coming To America?

Looking for dollars.

People don’t associate rugby with the United States. But there are indications that rugby officials are warming up to the notion that there is enough interest in the game that rugby’s crown jewel, the World Cup, might be headed to America in either 2027 or 2031. World Rugby wants to enter the American market sooner than later and there are two World Cup tournaments available, one in 2027 and the other in 2031. World Rugby is looking to expand its universe holding the 2019 World Cup in Japan and scheduling the 2023 event in France. World Rugby CEO Brett Gosper claims there is an expression of interest from American backers to hold a World Cup and World Rugby thinks that National Football League stadiums would be a perfect venue for the event. Gosper is pinning his hopes on a small American league. World Rugby needs more markets and big venues like NFL stadiums because that is where the money is. World Rugby depends on World Cup money to survive.

Gosper said, “I think the sport should be considering the move to North America. It gives us interesting growth possibilities and individuals in the American system have expressed an interest. They’ve got a Major League now and there are some high net-worth individuals investing in sport over there. It would certainly accelerate some possibilities in that part of the world which would be good for everyone because the revenue would go back into the game. We’ve got 2027 and 2031 to decide. 2031 could give time for an American bid to be very credible and very strong.” Major League Rugby plans to have 12 teams by 2020 but most of the franchises play in very small facilities and have a very limited following. Still World Rugby needs an American presence. World Rugby wants American fans and their money.