Important Things to Look For in a Winning Racehorse

When choosing a horse to bet on a horse race, you must ensure that you will pick the one that has the highest chance of winning. No one wants to put their hard-earned money on a losing horse and end up losing all their bets. 

Before you attempt to bet on a horse race, you must first learn how to examine a horse and know whether it is a winning horse or a losing horse. Check out the following factors below, and when you notice these on a racehorse, there is no doubt that it is the winning horse in the lineup. 

Horses work out as the sun rises at Churchill Downs Friday, April 30, 2021, in Louisville, Ky. The 147th running of the Kentucky Derby is scheduled for Saturday, May 1. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

Check Out the Horse’s Build

The horse’s build plays a significant role in how well it will perform in races. For instance, a horse’s bone structure should fit in with the horse’s size. Therefore, you should look at the horse from all angles and ensure that it has the appropriate amount of bone proportional to its size. 

Most of the time, horses with thin leg bone does not do well in races. Take time to check each horse in the paddock to look closer and see what these horses look like up close. A strong horse will likely be a winner by never forgetting that other factors will still affect its performance, especially its build. A friend also bought an absolute star of a horse using so you should see there if you want to find the best horses for sale.

The Best Odds

The next factor you must consider when placing your bet is the horse’s odds. Check out the horse racing live lineup and check the odds of each horse. The horses positioned on the top spot on the odds list are most likely the horses that will win the race. 

However, odds change every time, so you should keep yourself updated with it. If you want a sure win, betting on the horse with the best odds, also known as the favorite horse to win the race, would be your best option. 

Yet, there is still no assurance that the favorite horse will win the race as unexpected things can happen on the racetrack, such as the change of weather or the horse’s mood during the event. These things can affect a horse’s performance and can turn the table. 

Do Not Forget to Inspect the Neck 

Another visible factor you should look for in a good neck posture of a horse. If a horse’s neck has an adequate scope, it means that it can provide enough wind for the horse and can be securely fastened at the withers.

Look for a horse with a rhythmic stride and long neck, as these horses have a well-proportioned and well-muscled neck. As a result, the horse will have an excellent balance and maintain it throughout a race. 

Moreover, the rhythmic stride of a horse will prevent horses from feeling too tired during the race. Too much exhaustion will make the horse perform poorly and likely suffer from an injury. 

John Velazquez riding Medina Spirit leads Florent Geroux on Mandaloun and Flavien Prat riding Hot Rod Charlie to win the 147th running of the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, Saturday, May 1, 2021, in Louisville, Ky. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)


You might also want to go through the horse’s history and inspect its past performances. Your aim here is to check for consistency. Similar to any other sport, a consistent player will likely become successful. It also applied to horses participating in horse races. 

Being capable of maintaining your structure for an extended period is a valuable asset, whether you are a human or a horse. When betting on a horse, you must choose the consistently winning his previous race. 

A horse who wins on his first race and loses on the next wins again is not trustworthy. Therefore, you will only be putting your bet on the line. 

How Well the Horse Walks 

A horse’s walk will give you a hint that he is a winner or not. A strong walk is not an assurance of a strong gallop. Many punters always opt for a horse that has an athletic walk. The horse should be confident and shows that it is ready to race. 

It would be best if you also observed how the horse reacts to the crowd when he walks. You have to consider that horses feel nervous when there is a huge crowd cheering, and it will reflect on how they act and walk. 

Start Studying Your Favorites

Do you already have favorites? Then, start studying them using this article as a guide and see whether they have what it takes to be a racehorse winner. If not, you might want to change your favorite and secure your winnings.