IOC Gets Good News From Italy, Mixed News Out Of Calgary

Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t.


The International Olympic Committee is looking for an area that will have no problem paying off a debt of billions of dollars or loonies or euros or yen in exchange for the opportunity to host an Olympics. The IOC has been having trouble getting people to part with money to pay for the sporting group’s every other year party. But the IOC did get some good news from Italy,  The Italian Olympic Committee is definitely interested in hosting the 2026 Winter Games and has decide that combining three separate Italian bids into one package is the best way to go. Milan, Turin and Cortina d’Ampezzo would house the competition with certain events going to each area. Alpine skiing would be held in Cortina. Milan would get curling, ice hockey, short track speed skating and figure skating. Speed skating and ice hockey would take place in Turin. It sounds good but there is a problem. Milan Olympics backers are not all that interested in sharing the events even though some of the skiing events that would be a part of a standalone Milan bid would be held in nearby Switzerland. Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala said Milan would not be part of a formal joint bid although he said the city would host events if asked.

Meanwhile, there is mixed news out of Calgary where city leaders would like to bid for the 2026 Games. Calgary voters will get a chance to answer a simple question on November 13. Yes I want the Olympics, no I don’t want the Olympics. It is a simple question and that might be on purpose. Calgary residents might think the Olympics is a good idea but the pre-vote debate will center on money, and how much will Calgary residents will put up. The Olympics is a business which relies on public subsidies and generally is a loss leader at best for an area.


Thomas Bach

IOC President Thomas Bach got encouraging news.