J.T. Olsen’s Week Two NFL Power Rankings. Bucs, Chiefs, Rams, Browns, and Seattle round out the top 5 after week one in the NFL

By J.T. Olson



Week one is in the books! We now have very early impressions of teams in meaningful games. Based on what we saw in week one and what we knew coming in, here is my week two NFL power ranking.

32) Jacksonville Jaguars

A week ago I would have said the Texans were the worst team in the NFL. Then they crushed this Jaguars team, so what does that say about Jacksonville?

31) Atlanta Falcons

It was a pathetic showing from the Falcons over the weekend. I fear the big names on this roster have overshadowed how bad the team really is overall.

30) Detroit Lions

This felt like a blow out loss early on. However, I liked the fight they showed vs a good team. There were positives from this young team.

29) Houston Texans

I’m not sure if this game says more about the Texans or their opponent, but I was very impressed with this win. We all laughed about a winless season in Houston, but they shut the world up quickly.

28)  New York Jets

This felt like the first game of the season for a team in a rebuild. There is a lot to clean up and a long way to go with the Jets.

27) Las Vegas Raiders

An exciting Monday night win over the Ravens was highlighted by a Carl Nassib forced turnover. This has to be the feel good story of week one for me.

26) Philadelphia Eagles

An absolutely dominating win over the Falcons skyrockets the Eagles in the power rankings! Okay, maybe not skyrockets, but it was impressive for a team that I didn’t think was very good.

25) New York Giants

It wasn’t an impressive game for a team I didn’t expect to win. Not great, but not unexpected. 

24) Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals are on the board! A nice overtime win over a decent Vikings team. A sign of things to come? Perhaps it is.

23) Baltimore Ravens

A Monday night loss left a lot of people wanting more. I fear this will be an ongoing theme for the Ravens this season. 

22) Minnesota Vikings

Losing to the Bengals does not inspire confidence. However, I do see talent on this roster and think they get back on track as a middle of the road team.

21) Carolina Panthers

Despite the lack of offense, the Panther did start the season off with a win. A good start, but still a lot to prove. 

20) Tennessee Titans

It was a lot of hype going into the 2021 season only for the Titans to fall flat. The talent is there, but if the coaching staff doesn’t adjust quickly then this could be a lost year. 

19) New England Patriots

There is no shame in a hard fought loss to a good team. My opinion on the Patriots really hasn’t changed; which is a fringe playoff team. 

18) Chicago Bears

The Bears got beat badly in their season opener. Granted it was against a very good team, but that’s what the Bears aspire to be as the Super Bowl window closes on their defense. 

17) Arizona Cardinals

There weren’t many teams that looked more impressive in week one than the Cardinals. They could be a steady riser if they can maintain this level of play.

16) Pittsburgh Steelers

Many people felt like the Bills were a favorite to win the AFC this year. The Steelers made them look very average. Very impressive start to the year.

15) Dallas Cowboys

It’s hard to come closer to winning than what the Cowboys did in week one. A strong showing against the defending champs has earned some respect.

14) Miami Dolphins

It always feels good to beat a division rival. Even more so when that rival is the Patriots. Miami now sits alone on top of the AFC East.

13) Indianapolis Colts

There is no shame in losing to a good Seahawks team. However, it highlights the fact that this team is just good, not great.

12) New Orleans Saints

Five touchdown passes for Jameis Winston in a blowout win over the Packers is equally impressive as it was unexpected. The Saints refuse to go away quietly despite all they’ve lost.

11) Denver Broncos

A good win over a feisty Giants team is good to move the Broncos here. I believe this team is still being overlooked and they shouldn’t be.

10) Washington Football Team 

There is a lot to like with this team and they put up a good fight against the Chargers. If they can figure out the quarterback from here then they will be dangerous.

9) Los Angeles Chargers

Going cross country on the road and beating a playoff team is impressive. Especially for a young team on the rise. This is an up and coming team without a doubt.

8) Buffalo Bills 

Can Josh Allen repeat as an MVP candidate and can the Bills contend if he doesn’t? The question we need to have answered still and I’m not sure Buffalo fans will want to hear it.

7) Green Bay Packers

133 passing yards and a pair of interceptions. The Packers will go as far as Aaron Rodgers takes them and if week one is any indication then that’s not a good thing. I’ll wait for a larger sample size before writing this team off, but this was not a good start.

6) San Francisco 49ers

It was an impressive win against a bad opponent. This is the kind of game you expect from a good team when they play a bad team and the 49ers held up their end of things.

5) Seattle Seahawks

This passing attack looks dynamic. There is a lot to like with this offense and they have a coaching staff who has been to the top of the mountain before. 

4) Cleveland Browns 

The Browns gave Kansas City all they could handle. This felt like an early preview of the AFC championship game.

3) Los Angeles Rams

One of the most impressive teams from week one. This is the kind of dominant offense we all expected when they traded for Matthew Stafford.

2) Kansas City Chiefs

The combination of Pattrick Mahomes and Tyrek Hill looks as good as ever. This offense will be hard to stop.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

It wasn’t the cleanest game in the world, but squeaking by a good Dallas team is enough to maintain the top spot in the rankings.