Jaguars Owner Khan Could Buy Wembley Stadium This Week

Khan says Wembley is not a Jaguars’ future home.



By week’s end, Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan’s could be the owner of London’s Wembley Stadium. That may come as bad news for some Jacksonville Jaguars fans as the rumors of Khan moving his franchise to London could resurface. Khan is willing to spend about $800 million to take over the building. The NFL is not expanding so moving a team would be the only option.  But there is a long-term lease issue in Jacksonville. Khan’s business is tied up with the city until 2030. Khan can buy his way out of the lease. But that is not happening as of now. There were some hurdles for Khan in purchasing Wembley Stadium including a request to not sell the naming rights to the facility and giving England’s Football Association the right to veto some stadium signage partners. Khan also has to allow England’s international matches to continue at Wembley

Khan’s Jaguars NFL team will play the Philadelphia Eagles on October 28 at Wembley. Khan isn’t trying to take over Wembley because of his NFL team. He also owns an English Premier club in London, Fulham. Khan claims that he is satisfied playing one game a year in London. Jacksonville has been a problem franchise nearly since the beginning of the process of granting expansion teams when the NFL decided to add a 29th and a 30th franchise in the early 1990s. Jacksonville’s original proposed ownership group included Jeb Bush and it had some financial problems and there was also a problem of getting stadium finance together to raze the Gator Bowl and rebuild the facility. That was straightened out but the market has not been all that successful by National Football League standards. There are other NFL teams closing in on the end of stadium leases. No one is staking out a move yet, but this is London calling.