LA Appears To Be Getting The 2028 Summer Olympics

The United States appears to be hosting an Olympics but it’s not in Boston in 2024.



If all goes according to plan, Los Angeles will officially be awarded the 2028 Summer Olympics after a vote by International Olympic Committee delegates during a meeting in Lima, Peru in September. Los Angeles apparently lost out in the bid to host the 2024 Games to Paris but by giving out the 2024 and 2028 events at the same time, there is the appearance that both Paris, France and Los Angeles are both winners. But granting LA the 2028 Games raises a whole bunch of questions. For instance, is that $250 million put aside for 2024 Olympics cost overruns by Los Angeles elected officials valid in 2028? Will California invest a quarter of a billion dollars in the 2028 Games to cover potential cost overruns? The facilities LA was pitching to the IOC will be four years older and newer facilities could be available, particularly Stan Kroenke’s NFL stadium in Inglewood which might be more desirable than the Los Angeles Coliseum and what happens if Steve Ballmer is successful in building an NBA style arena in Inglewood which would be far more attractive that the present downtown arena used by the Lakers and NHL Kings which at that point would be nearly 30 years old.


LA could be paying for an Olympics yet many of the events might end up in in municipalities adjacent to Los Angeles. Then there is the cost of security. Make no mistake, the Olympics and Paralympics will cost billions of dollars in security, much of that security will not be come from local law enforcement officials. It will come from the US military. The United States military at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics had more boots on the ground in Utah than in Afghanistan. There is a reason cities and countries don’t want the Olympics. The cost of hosting the event cannot be justified.


Photo: AP Photo/File

It seems Paris gets 2024, LA 2028.