Looking For Money For The 2026 Winter Olympics

Salt Lake City wants the Olympics in 2026 to go along with the NBA and soccer.



The International Olympic Committee keeps getting the door slammed in their delegates faces when they knock on the door and ask cities if they want to buy their product, either the Summer or Winter Olympics. In the next 100 days or so, the IOC will see if Salt Lake City or the Reno-Lake Tahoe area is all hat and no cattle in their intentions of hosting the 2026 Winter Olympics. The same can be said for Calgary and for cities and counties in Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Switzerland and Japan. It all comes down to this. The International Olympic Committee’s two-week sports gala is a major money loser and requires local and national taxpayers to pick up the tab in the event that the two week sports gathering is short in revenues. Los Angeles and California are putting up a half billion dollars in guarantees to cover potential 2028 Olympics shortfalls.

Telemark, Norway officials are the latest group to have a lust for the 2026 Winter Olympics. The plan is to ask neighboring counties to help out because local business leaders think this would be a great opportunity to put Telemark on the map. The local leaders jumped in after Innsbruck, Austria voters said no, thank you, we don’t want this expense. St. Moritz voters said they didn’t want the 2026 Games in their part of Switzerland. Norway was in the bidding for the 2022 Winter Games but the Oslo bid collapsed because of a number of factors including local residents didn’t want the event. The IOC has seen Rome, Boston, Toronto, Stockholm, Innsbruck, and St. Moritz put out the not interested signs in the window. The IOC was forced to take Paris and Los Angeles as a tandem for the 2024 and 2028 Summer Olympics because they were the only two who wanted the Games. The IOC is finding that out annually.


As always the IOC is looking for money.