Daniel Snyder Still Owns The Washington NFL Franchise For Now

A sale has reportedly been reached. 

Until further notice, Daniel Snyder remains the owner of the National Football League’s Washington Commanders franchise. That could be changing soon as there are reports that Snyder has agreed to sell his business to Josh Harris and his partners for more than six billion dollars. In May 1999, Snyder paid $800 million to purchase the Washington franchise. Snyder had been under multiple investigations about his ownership of the team that included workplace harassment. He was suspended from the day-to-day running of the team by the National Football League in 2021 or was he? He was not supposed to be involved with the franchise but it was never clear if that happened because the National Football League never released any details of its investigation into Snyder’s problems. The NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said, “I do think he’s been held accountable and I think we did an unprecedented fine. Dan Snyder has not been involved with the organization for now almost four months.” There was a Congressional panel looking into Snyder’s alleged mischief. The Washington D. C. Attorney General Karl A. Racine filed a lawsuit against Snyder, the National Football League, and Goodell for colluding to deceive District residents about an investigation into toxic workplace culture and allegations of sexual assault to maintain a strong fanbase and increase profits.

Does everything disappear in the event Snyder gets his money and disappears? Probably. The NFL has a history of making problem owners disappear like Carolina’s Jerry Richardson and Philadelphia’s Leonard Tose. All it takes is money and problems are solved. If and when Harris and his partners get the franchise, the only problem that group will face is getting a new stadium built somewhere in the District, Maryland or Virginia. Those areas want the team with Snyder gone. Snyder will collect his money and go.

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FILE – Dan Snyder walks off the field before the start of an NFL football game against Dallas Cowboys in Landover, Md., (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)