Oakland to Vegas close while MLB still thinks Tampa Bay and the Rays will get a stadium deal done

This week MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, made it very clear that after nearly 50 years baseball and Oakland could be coming to an end while, Las Vegas who already is home the the East Bay’s football team the Raiders is the likely landing spot for the A’s. Meanwhile, he was very clear that he has a great deal of hope that somehow, some way, either St. Petersburg or Tampa will figure out a way to build a new home for the Rays.

On the A’s remaining in Oakland:

“I think the mayor in Oakland has made a huge effort to try to get it done in Oakland and it just doesn’t look like it’s going to happen…” said Manfred. “I think they will have to look for an alternative.”

The A’s lease at the Coliseum ends after the 2024 season and Las Vegas has made it clear they would welcome Oakland to town. While, nothing is a done deal yet this is really the first time MLB has been this definitive about leaving the East Bay.

Back in the Tampa Bay area the commissioner was far more up beat about the future of the Rays in either St.Pete or Tampa.

“I think (with) a properly located facility in (the) Tampa (Bay area), that Tampa’s a viable major-league market,” Manfred told SiriusXM radio. “I’ve got a lot of faith in (Rays principal owner) Stu Sternberg. I think they will find a place to get a ballpark built and I think baseball can thrive in Tampa.”

Manfred also made mention that after Oakland Tampa Bay got their stadium deals done then and only then would MLB expand to 32 teams.