Lake Placid Olympics Forty Year Later: The Legacy Is A Prison

They found a use for the Olympic Village.

The International Olympic Committee is all about selling host cities on its sports events as a chance to create an Olympic legacy after spending billions of dollars on the event. The legacy for the Olympics is not who won an event, events come and go, but how many generations pay for the debt that accumulated from hosting the Games. Montreal’s 1976 Summer Olympics had an enormous debt. There is also the unused facilities legacy that comes with the Games. The 2016 Rio Summer Olympics continues to be a problem. The money spent to hold the Games was enormous. Corruption was a major part of the Rio event. The Olympic Park was recently closed because of safety concerns. None of this really matters to the International Olympic Committee or the group’s President Thomas Bach. The IOC is looking for cities and countries that will host a debt-ridden event in 2030 and 2032.

Lake Placid, New York hosted the Winter Olympics in 1980. The legacy from those Games was the first time ever chant of USA, USA at the Soviet Union-American hockey medal round game and debt. The debt is ongoing 40 years later and something happened to the Olympic Village along the way. It was converted into a different use and most people don’t really want to visit the still standing structure. The Olympic Village is a federal prison. The Olympic Village complex was designed to host 1,000 people. It was small and cramped. It was decided that the next life for the Olympic Village near Lake Placid should be a prison. Americans owned the place as the Carter administration spend $22 million to build it. Officially it is called the Federal Correction Institute, Ray Brook and it does employs people. It is one of the few Olympic venues that has a lasting legacy.

Photo: AP Photo/File