London Mayoral Candidate Suggests London, Not Tokyo, Host The 2020 Olympics

The Games Must Go On!  

There is a really good chance that Shaun Bailey will not be invited to the July 24th opening ceremonies of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics should he become mayor of London, England after the May 7th election. Bailey, the conservative candidate, has suggested that London should step in and host the 2020 Summer Olympics because of the coronavirus and that notion has infuriated Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike. Bailey has said the world might need us to help and if elected he claimed he make sure London is ready to answer the call and host the Olympics again. Koike has fired back calling Bailey’s statement inappropriate. Japan has enough problems hosting the Olympics. The Japanese economy is in a recession and there is no price estimate on what the Tokyo Games is eventually going to cost. The initial estimate was that the 2020 Tokyo Games would come in at $8 billion US.

Moving the Olympics to London or even Los Angeles in May after Bailey hopes to be sworn in as mayor is impractical for numerous reasons. The election is 77 days before the opening ceremonies in Tokyo. Here are some obstacles. People have their summer plans booked for Tokyo if they want to attend the Olympics. People would have to change plane reservations which is not all that difficult but there are already tourists booked into London hotels and motels who would need to be thrown out in order to accommodate an Olympic audience. Are London venues and area businesses ready for the Olympics if given an 11-week notice? The chances are slim that London would have enough time to stage an event that takes years to plan. Bailey is working on a theory that England will be coronavirus free which is a terrible assumption. Japan’s Olympics proponents are annoyed. After all, the Games Must Go On!