The Pickup Game Talks NBA Draft

Our own Anthony Abruzzo joins the show

When the news broke over the weekend that the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers were swapping draft picks, NBA Draft Week took on an entirely different tone.  Once defined by The Process and slow, incremental gains on the NBA’s two championship-caliber squads, the 2017 Draft immediately became a launching pad.

For Philadelphia, another high pick means they’re soon to have one of the best young cores in professional sports.  It has been years for the Sixers since they’ve been even remotely close to contention, but the wait might soon pay off as they appear poised to add Markelle Fultz to a team that has been loading up on high picks for a while.

For Boston, more assets mean more trade options, and it seems like Boston might be gearing up for a big trade.  Before we recorded today’s podcast, news broke that Kristaps Porzingis is being tentatively shopped around the NBA.  Is he a good fit for the Celtics?

Our own Anthony Abruzzo joins me to talk about the crazy trade and the potential trades to come, as well as the Magic’s situation.  Of all the teams near the top of the draft, Orlando seems to be the most certain of what they want to do and what they need to do.

We also talk about a UCF big man with a bright future who has decided to stick with college.  Tacko Fall toyed with the idea of the draft before pulling out, Anthony explains how bright that makes the UCF program in the short term.

Finally, we touch on the upcoming NBA Regular Season Awards, and how they’re two months too late.