Rays Nation has some new fans that come from LA, Boston, and even New York.

By: Jim Williams

Tonight at around six o’clock on TBS the televisions all over the Tampa Bay area from the beaches of Clearwater to along the I – 4 corridor all eyes will be on Blake Snell as he and his teammates look to win Game 6 of the ALCS. just one win from the World Series. There is a growing number of Rays fans in Los Angels, Boston, and all around New York City who are temporary members of the club.

The hate for the Astros in the aforementioned cities is universal. So what if it only a short term thing there is nothing wrong with having new Rays fans where ever you can get them. Checking in with a few temporary Rays fans I wanted to know their plans for watching the game and what they plan to eat while cheering for their new favorite team.

The first stop is in City of Angels,” where Skip Walker a lifelong Dodgers fan is backing the Rays. He is working from home and will be outside in the California sun watching the game with a few neighbors socially distanced of course when the 3 p.m. local first pitch takes place.

“We did the same thing when we saw that Lakers win the NBA Championship. A few friends and me will park us out in my yard by the pool and watch the Rays-Astros game and then of Dodgers-Braves. Now I have some family in the Tampa Bay area and so I love the Rays and I can’t stand the Astros they cost the 2017 World Series,” said Walker.

I asked him about the Dodgers beating Astros themselves. “Well that would be great but we are having our own problems with Braves, so not taking any chances I am a Rays fan for now, “ he added.

So then you have a long afternoon and evening ahead what will be on the menu. Walker will be dropping by a iconic Dodger hangout the Mohawk Bend Sports Bar on 2141 W Sunset Blvd.

We have some lucky dishes that worked us for watching the Lakers win a Championship, so the will be at least three of their signature pizza’s the PB&J, Pineapple, Bacon and Jalapeño pizza. It’s an L, A. thing to sure plus a half dozen of their mac and cheeseburgers, fries. Plus a few plates of the extra spicy nachos to round things out will be headed home with Walker.   

“This place is crazy about the Rays we love that they took the Yankees out and now all we need is for them to send the Astros home, they cheated us out of a World Series in 2017. Also, if we don’t win later tonight against the Braves then we will be Rays fans in the World Series.    

Debbie McNally is looking forward to happy hour at The Bleacher Bar, 82A Lansdowne St., which is actually built inside Fenway Park. Just like in Los Angeles McNally will pick up her food and head home to watch the game where she and a handful of friends will be on a rooftop terrace socially distanced.  

“The 2020 season has been strange to be sure and I guess hearing a life long Red Sox fan talk about cheering for the Rays sounds a bit crazy, but this is a crazy year,” McNally.

She shared her lucky game food that will be on hand while watching the game, socially distanced from each other. “Well tonight it will be cool on the roof so, you must have plenty of hot Buffalo Wings, New England Clam Chowder, some Sam Adams of course, maybe even some fried pickles and some Fenway dogs all the way.”

For our last stop, we are at The Yankee Tavern in where else the Bronx there we will find Joe Denton who will be getting his food before the Rays-Astros game. Just like in Los Angeles and Boston in the world of COVID, the watch party will be small just he and his three brothers at home.

“We just lost to them in a tough five-game series, so at first I really didn’t know if I could be a fan. But then you know to respect them they beat us and if you are going to lose then you want to say that the Yankees lost to the World Series Champion Rays. We will have plenty of time to boo them in 2021 and beyond, and I think that I might just like the little rivalry we have with Tampa Bay almost as much as the one we have with Boston.”

So, what will the Denton family be feasting on from The Yankee Tavern? “ Well I will be picking up pies man, we will have their White Pizza, a couple of the Pepperoni, Sausage, Mushroom, Meatball, Green Pepper, and Olives super pies. Plus for good measure four large Balboa subs with have roast beef, melted Swiss, Brown Sauce, on Garlic Bread,” Denton added it is always good to have left overs.

As for me, I will be at home in Washington where I will be eating the same lucky meatball subs, chips, and sides that helped the Nationals win last season. So, the Rays added fans to the bandwagon and we all want to see them hoist the World Series trophy.