Rubio Thinks The IOC Needs To Pull The 2022 Olympics Out Of China

Olympics and politics.



Florida Senator Marco Rubio doesn’t think it is a very good idea for China to host the 2022 Winter Olympics.  Rubio is the Chairman of the Congressional Executive Commission on China and his panel put out a report giving reasons that the International Olympic Committee should pull out of China. The report claims that China is holding about a million Uyghur Muslims in re-education camps. Rubio’s committee is alleging that China is also harassing Uyghur Muslims in the United States. China considers the Uyghur Muslims terrorists.  Rubio’s committee accused China of arbitrary detention, torture and egregious restrictions on religious practice and culture.

Other than a letter condemning China, there is little Senator Rubio and his committee can do to get the IOC to drop China as the host of the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics Games. The IOC was happy to accept the Beijing bid because only Kazakhstan and China were interested in the event. The IOC overlooked allegations of human rights abuses when it decided to give China the 2008 Summer Olympics in 2001. Olympics boycotts have not had any real impact over the years. The 1976 African Countries boycott of the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics didn’t end apartheid in South Africa. The African countries sat out because a New Zealand rugby team played matches in South Africa. Taiwan was blocked from competing at the 1976 Montreal Games after Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau caved to pressure from China which didn’t want Taiwan at the 1976 event.  The United States along with a good number of western countries boycotted the 1980 Moscow Summer Games because President Jimmy Carter wanted to punish the Soviet Union for invading Afghanistan. In 1984, the Soviet Union and Warsaw bloc countries did not go to the Los Angeles Olympics. The Olympics, they are supposed to be apolitical. But political protesting is part of Olympics history.