The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!

The Russian uniform is a bit different from 2014, but they are in South Korea.



The 2018 Winter Olympics is the first of two major global sporting events that is taking place this year and it starts in a matter of hours. There are numerous storylines within the event including North Korea’s participation and Russia being kicked out of the Games because of doping. But were the Russians really kicked out? The answer is yes but in reality no. The Russians will field a team but the Russian athletes will be wearing an Olympic Athlete From Russia jersey. The International Olympic Committee might be able to make a few rubles from Olympic Athlete From Russia merchandise. Russian athletes who win will gold medals won’t be able to listen to the Russian national anthem or see the Russian flag raised. Russia won’t be included in the medal count. But the Russian athletes will be part of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and be part of the competition. Initially there was a push to throw Russian out of the Olympic movement and the IOC did just that because of a complicated doping scheme that was detected. But the IOC members decided that it was unfair to Russian athletes who were not caught up in the doping scheme or at least not found to be doping. Russia is in without the usual patriotic trappings. The Russians are coming.

Russia is not an international sports pariah. The country will host more than a month long World Cup action with the soccer matches taking place in 12 stadiums in Russia. The competition starts on June 14 with the host country playing Saudi Arabia in Moscow and ends with the final game in Moscow on July 15. The 2018 World Cup should be overshadowed by allegations that FIFA officials routinely took bribe money for cities and countries to land the event. But the Games Must Go On.


Russia is offcially out but Russian athletes are good.